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With The Wolves

by Dirtwater

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Mountain Man 06:27
VERSE The first snow comes from the mountains and the cold consumes my soul chop the last wood of the season to keep my bones and spirit warm I hear dogs in the distance barking hunting under the midnight moon the winter wind blows through the doorway bringin' in this familiar friend VERSE in the faint light of a lantern he persists to watch my shadow fade he won't dry the lonely tears I'm crying he's not here for a warm embrace you've gotta listen deep and listen closely wise words won't fall like the rain when he'll be gone come morning I have to carry on it's another day BRIDGE I'm a man of the mountain I'm a man all by myself I'm a man of the mountain a Mountain man is what I am
VERSE When I go to town, just another day the evil on my shoulder keeps me in and I know the sweet taste of old maker's mark just got me huntin' this way CHORUS And I go down all around this town the feelin' has always been fine another sweetheart babe, another drunk up day 'cause I keep ridin' the devil's tail VERSE Well I'm in the mood, so how about you I ask you should we have another brawl? while I swing my fist I have myself a brew One goes down and one stands tall
VERSE Early in the morning before the rooster crows I lie awake and think about my soul all the years have gone by all the memories are worn the further way almost seems forlorn CHORUS the preacher prayed, the devil grinned the celestial choir sang the hymn but the great door man won't let me in 'cause heaven to me is just another place to sin VERSE I drained all the high hopes in every bitter brew I found hit the bottom of the glass for my last round all those bygone lovers vanish from my mind my bags are packed headin' for the other side
VERSE If you were born here deep in these age old woods you would know a thing of trees and deer and would't wanna leave and stay for good CHORUS in these woods I'll never be alone in these woods is what I call my home VERSE If you'd look closely here you would see we got a bunch of legends here I would never trade these pines 'cause these woods is where I'll want to die CHORUS in these woods the life I can call mine in these woods is where I want to die
25 02:28
VERSE no matter what kinda life you´re living or how you´ve been raised all that counts is a number god and the devil praise I was born up yonder highway 25 nothin but them pumpkin seeds cared about my life daddy died out in the fields by the storm of '25 momma couldn´t make it anymore without him by her side my sweet darling left me by the age of 25 I guess that's the number haunting me for life I went into a bar once for a couple of ice cold brews the lady behind the bar only whispered "oh you!" I tried my best behaviour thought she'd been giving me sweet eyes but as she came in closer she said "you owe me 25..." being solitary a preacherman should help "please give me redemption from this numeric spell" he ordered me to pray to read it loud and wise but the line he reffered to was psalm 25 lying on the deathbed god sat by my side he took my cold hand and asked if I´m allright I say "what are you thinking? I've been doomed my whole life!" he said "I know, but I was mistaken your number was a 29..."
VERSE Oh’lord I have found myself out in the cold in the plains I never tried to live the life as a god fearing man they tied me to the tree one could hear a woman’s cry but they’ve forsaken me and left me here out to die BRIDGE no, I never believed in your glory I never believed in fate now I’m left here all alone to die.. without faith VERSE the sin has always been an everlasting familiar friend no part of no noble kin sinfully rotten till the end BRIDGE now I’ll be alone in the darkness I’ll be alone with the wolves begging for mercy is hopeless when there’s no creed left to lose VERSE oh’ lord I just wonder why I let down my kids and my wife so please kiss them good bye before taking me from this life BRIDGE I never begged my forgiveness my mind has never been free just let me die here all alone bound to.... this old tree
VERSE Born on the hill raised on native ground our mother land everything that we call ours aware of what is ours VERSE flags rule the hill meanwhile foreign ground taken away everything that once was ours betrayed by what was ours VERSE blood on the hill blood soakes the ground rivers run red of brothers drowned taken away everything we had our spirit ain't free our bodies dead beneath the hill graves seam the ground dead brothers rest the loss profound both sides in grief brothers we had freedom's belief too many dead
Pale Rose 02:05
VERSE Well it's been hard to come here, to settle my tired old bones been stumblin through wasteland, hitchhiked a long dead end road Now these tired feet won't fit in dusty old worn out boots CHORUS Let me rest, let me stay here let me sleep in your sweet arms tell my soul to come down from wherever she floats VERSE Told myself there's sunlight whenever the rain has gone been wandering many lone trails fought with the wolves to get close to get my old eyes a glance at a pale mountain rose
Ragged Soul 03:29
VERSE I left my home, my mum and pa sold my guitar, quit my job tried to burn the bridges down to see the world I quit the ramblin`, gamblin` life hoped for jesus to be my guide but where I ended up was the other side CHORUS I'm walking down this dirty road cause the devil told me so while in trouble he was my only friend I tried to quit this partnership but the devil ain't givin' a shit about another ragged soul to take away VERSE first night I ended up in jail had no friend to pay my bail my brightened future seemed to fall apart as I found salvation in the eyes of a sweetheart by my side ol' Lucifer took my hand and walked with me
Low Life 04:14
VERSE when the first light hits the morning he rolls himself into another minute of sleep when the bell cracks the silence this familiar pain comes back as the days before he puts on his boots and his black coat to walk the same old road like he always did a rolled up smoke, a cold cup of coffee and one last kiss for the next ten hours or so CHORUS Every day living a low life just another dance to the tunes of a broken dream Every day living a low life just another dance to the tunes of a broken dream VERSE he's got nothing in his pockets all the cash he'd earned he spent to buy his blue eyed darling a shiny ring to keep her at his side as he comes home from the coal mine he finds her with another man inside that's how life puts him to test he turns his head and goes for the best
CHORUS Three black birds fly above my head Three black birds fly above my head The first one is the morning the second is the day the third one is the dark night that brings me back to her VERSE I walk down a dark road trying to get away all I can think of is her pretty hair darkness comes towards me a gun is in my hand just another moment and were together again VERSE As I reach a lone hill soon I'm on my knees I kneel beneath the oak tree where she and I did meet a glance at the dark sky counting three black birds I think of my sweet bride breathe in 'cause this won't hurt


Dirtwater, a project that has been put off for years by its members due to other musical projects. Since about half a year it receives the band’s full attention. 'With The Wolves' is the first selection of songs inspired by ancient woodland and local lore the band grew up with. Songs that remind of legends, hangmen, love stories, the devil, life and the joy and grief that come with it.


released July 3, 2019

Recorded and mixed at Scissor Hill Studios & Spessart, Germany in early 2019. Music, lyrics and artwork by Dirtwater.

J. Bachmeier - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
K. Gore - Backing Vocals, Guitar, Weissenborn, Dobro
S. Bachmeier - Backing Vocals, Blues Harp, Mandolin, Guitar, Accordion


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Dirtwater Germany

Trappers heading into the unknown, colliers who lost their lives within the mines and the lawless of the old days. Those days are long gone, but left their mark. Among adventures and suffering they have built an endless amount of tales and music. Surrounded by ancient forests and lore, Dirtwater tap into this amount and remind of hangmen, love stories, the devil, life and all that comes with it. ... more

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